UV Holo Blends
UV Holo Blends

UV Holo Blends

Item #: TU051

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$4.95 $ 4.95
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Bunker Blue $4.95
Outrageous Lime $4.95
Dorado Gold $4.95
Copper Fire $4.95
Madrigras $4.95
Gold $4.95
Haze $4.95


UV HOLO BLENDS - A unique blend of Holographic Flash and UV Enhanced Fibers. Looks like it's moving when it's standing still! 5 different colors make up each color blend. Hanks are about 8-inches long, you're going to love this for all types of streamers... Bob. COLORS: (1)Bunker-Blue, (2)Outrageous-Lime, (3)Dorado-Gold, (4)Copper-Fire, (5)Madrigras, (6)Tequila-Gold, (7)Purple-Haze


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