Veevus VEEVUS 6/0 Thread
Veevus VEEVUS 6/0 Thread

VEEVUS 6/0 Thread

Item #: TH216

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$3.75 $ 3.75
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Black $3.75
Fl Yellow Chartreuse $3.75
Red $3.75
White $3.75
Lt Cahill $3.75
Pink $3.75
Rusty Brown $3.75
Silver Doc Blue $3.75
Fl Green $3.75
Fl Orange $3.75
Brown $3.75
Light Olive $3.75
Olive $3.75


VEEVUS 6/0 FLY TYING THREAD from Denmark. This remarkable new thread is being championed on fly tying blogs all over Europe, where we first discovered it. The strength and stretch, even on the 16/0, is unbelievable for standard 100% polyester fly tying thread. This non-waxed thread has a "wavy" textured surface that "grabs and grips" materials locking them in with less wraps. Get more thread wraps on your tiny dries for increased strength, get less thread build up when tying-in multiple materials at the head of the fly. Colors: (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)White, (4)Lt-Cahill, (5)Pink, (6)Rusty-Brown, (7)Silver-Doc-Blue, (8)Fl-Green, (9)Fl-Orange, (10)Fl-Yellow-Chartreuse, (11)Brown, (12)Lt-Olive, (13)Olive. 100m spl


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