WAPSI Pure Antron Dubbing
WAPSI Pure Antron Dubbing

WAPSI Pure Antron Dubbing

Item #: TM019

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$2.25 $ 2.25
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Light Grey $2.25
Medium Olive $2.25
Hares Ear $2.25
Dark Olive $2.25
White $2.25
Light Yellow $2.25
March Brown $2.25
Charcoal Gray $2.25
Rust $2.25
Olive Damsel $2.25
Fox Squirrel Belly $2.25
Ginger Variant $2.25
Crawdad Orange $2.25
Chinese Red $2.25
Fl Yellow $2.25
Fl Orange $2.25
Fl Fire Orange $2.25
Fl Chartreuse $2.25
Fl Pink $2.25
Peacock $2.25
Light Olive $2.25
Cahill Cream $2.25
Black $2.25
Chocolate $2.25
Golden Stone $2.25
Hexagenia $2.25
Sand $2.25


PURE ANTRON DUBBING - Use by itself, or blend with other materials for sparkle. A translucent and reflective synthetic fiber for wet and dry fly bodies. COLORS: (1)Lt-Grey, (2)Ginger-Variant, (3)Lt-Olive, (4)Cahill-Cream, (5)Black, (6)Chocolate, (7)Golden-Stone, (8)Hexagenia, (9)Sand, (10)Med-Olive, (11)Hares-Ear, (12)Dk-Olive, (13)White, (14)Light-Yellow, (15)March-Brown, (16)Charcoal-Gray, (17)Rust, (18)Olive-Damsel, (19)Squirrel-Belly, (20)Crawdad-Orange, (21)Chinese-Red, (22)Fl-Yellow, (23)Fl-Orange, (24)Fl-Fire-Orange, (25)Fl-Chartreuse, (26)Fl-Pink, (27)Peacock.


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