Jigs and Specialty Hooks

Gold Brooch Pin Sz 1
Item # 466610

GOLD BROOCH PIN- SZ 1 These make great gifts. These pin on hooks (no point) fly outta here, especially around the holidays. Get a handful and whip up your favorite pattern to give to family and friends.
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Waddington Shanks
Item # PR110

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F-C #42 Green Caddis Hook
Item # TA311

FAMOUS F-C #42 "GREEN CADDIS LARVAE" HOOK: Lazer-Sharp. Slightly off-set. The favorite STEELHEAD stonefly and Glo-Bug egg hook. But it's the Bright Green Caddis Larvae that gets 'em. Caddis "larvae" are the main food source for new and in-stream steelhead. This is ol' reliable year after year on all steelhead streams. Sizes: 6, 8, or 10 $5.95/50-PAK
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F-C Saltwater Popper Hook
Item # TA314

STRONG SALTWATER POPPER-HOOKS Size-2/0, 4X-long "Kink-shank". Super sharp. BUT LOOK: Tye a Bar-Bell (Real-Eyes Size-3/16 or 7/32) in the kink. A sparse hackle or hair-streamer behind the eye. Then ESTAZ wrapped in front of Bar-Bell Eye to hook eye, for a 3-4-inch long deep streamer. (10-PAK)
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Super Jig Heads
Item # TA415

SUPER JIG HEADS Molded on Mustad's newest jig hook which features a chemically sharpened point, micro barb, wider gap, heavier wire, and a tough black-nickel finish. The perfect jig hook! SIZES: (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6) $3.60/10-pak
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Ball Style Lead Jig Heads
Item # TA500

"BALL STYLE" LEAD-HEAD FLY ROD JIGS on gold hooks. (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6) $2.95/doz
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Plated Ball Style Jigs
Item # TA501

PLATED "BALL-STYLE" LEAD-HEAD FLY ROD JIGS. (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6). COLORS: (1)Gold, (2)Nickel $3.95/doz (Specify size & color)
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Articulated Shanks
Item # TA502

ARTICULATED SHANKS simplify the tying of articulated flies. Attach a ring-eye hook or stinger hook to/from the built-in loop at the back of the shank. Place the built-in loop into your vise jaws and tye the fly. These shanks work perfectly with FISH SKULLS and SCULPIN HELMETS, or any bar-bell eyes. 3-SHANK LENGTHS: SMALL(20mm), MED(35mm), LARGE(55mm) (20-shanks)
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Senyo's Articulated Shanks
Item # TA503

NEW! NEW! SENYO'S ARTICULATED SHANKS for Steelhead AND Salmon Flies - Greg Senyo, , has developed a new articulated shank specifically for tying steelhead and salmon flies. This exciting new shank is poised to replace the aging Waddington Shank as the defacto platform for tying Intruder-style and other modern steelhead & salmon flies. These shanks work perfectly with Senyo's new INTRUDER TRAILER HOOK WIRE. SIZES: 25mm or 40mm in COLORS: (1)Pink, (2)Blue, (3)Green, (4)Copper-Orange, (5)Black (20 per pak)
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Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
Item # TA504

NEW! SENYO'S INTRUDER TRAILER HOOK WIRE Now the wire can match the color of the fly. Super strong coated wire dyed to eight great colors. SIZES: THIN (for sizes 6 or smaller), STANDARD (for sizes 6 or larger) in COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Gray, (3)Blue, (4)Copper-Orange, (5)Pink, (6)Purple, (7)Red, (8)Chartreuse
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Articulated Wiggle Shanks
Item # TA505

NYMPH HEAD ARTICULATED WIGGLE TAIL SHANKS - Create an articulated tail (or rear body section) on nymphs, dry flies or small streamers in the hook size #6 to #20 range. These shanks make it so easy, trim the shank to the desired length needed, then tye and attach the rear tail section. The shank can be bent if a cyrved tail section is desired. per 20-shanks
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Fish Skull Articulated Fish Spines
Item # TA506

NEW! FISH SKULL'S ARTICULATED FISH SPINES - Now this is cool! These interconnected, articulated shanks really make your streamer creations come to life. Each package includes four specifically designed articulated shanks of varying lengths for a total of 6 Fish Spines per pack (24 individual segments), and are saltwater safe. Look for Blane Chocklett's "Game Changer" (pictured)... a fantastic new pattern we'll have in the shop in a few months. It uses Fish Spines to achieve the most lifelike action I've ever seen on a fly - Bob.

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