royal wulff WULFF Ambush Fly Line
royal wulff WULFF Ambush Fly Line

WULFF Ambush Fly Line

Item #: FD002

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WULFF 'AMBUSH' FLY LINES with welded loops on front end. Specifically designed to deliver incredible roll-casting performance and spey casts from single-handed and switch rods (overhead casts like a rocket as well). The short, 20-ft. head loads quickly and facilitates a tight, compact D-loop which eliminates the need for a long back-cast. You can actually shoot line with a roll cast! When back-cast room is limited, you'll be able to reach water that other anglers cannot. J3 coating technology coupled with the super-thin diameter running line makes it shoot like it's coming out of cannon... with roll, spey AND OVERHEAD CASTS. Trout, steelhead, salmon and bass fishers delight! Nymph rigs, big streamers, dries and hair-bugs are all thrown with the greatest of ease. Welded loop on tip end for attaching leaders. The Hi-Viz two-tone Aqua-Blue/Yellow color helps you locate the correct loading point for your particular rod. WF4F thru WF8F


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