royal wulff WULFF Ambush Fly Line
royal wulff WULFF Ambush Fly Line

WULFF Ambush Fly Line

Item #: FD002

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LEE WULFF AMBUSH FLY LINES with WELDED LOOPS on both ends. J3 Floating/Shooting Technology and TRI-D Line Identification System. Designed to deliver incredible roll-casting performance and spey casts from single-handed and switch rods (overhead casts like a rocket as well). The short, 20’-29’ heads load quickly and facilitate a tight, compact D-loop which eliminates the need for a long back-cast. You can actually shoot line with a roll cast! The Hi-Viz two-tone Aqua-Blue/Yellow color helps you locate the correct loading point for your particular rod. WF4F thru WF8F


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