feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Alaska Selection
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Alaska Selection

FEATHER-CRAFT Alaska Selection

Item #: JA009

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F-C ALASKA SELECTION Top patterns for silver, chum and pink salmon, plus big Alaskan rainbows. Bring more flies for your trip, but this is an excellent assortment of the proven patterns you'll need. 45-fly selection with fly box contains: Popsicle(3), Deep Six Salmon(3), Loop Leech(3), Deuce Wigalo(3), Flesh Fly(3), Flash Flies(3), Dali Lama(2), Guide Intruder(2), Egg Sucking Bunny Leech(2), Egg Sucking Crystal Leech(4), Articulated Leech(3), Lady Flesh(2), and Glo Bug Eggs(12).


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