flymen fishing company FLYMEN Cicada Fly Tying Kit
flymen fishing company FLYMEN Cicada Fly Tying Kit

FLYMEN Cicada Fly Tying Kit

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Are you ready for the big hatch?

FLYMEN CICADA FLY TYING KIT - Tied to mimic cicadas, it’s ready for the monumental 2024 double brood emergence. With meticulously replicated insect wings and body, this fly ensures unmatched realism, enticing trophy trout, bass, carp and more during the cicada hatch. This Fly Tying Kit contains everything you need to tie the 9 Cicada flies, including step-by-step instructions, to make it easy for you to get your hands on the various needed fly tying materials all in one place.

Included Materials

• Surface Seducer® Double Barrel Popper Head Black XS

• Kona® Standard Popper Hook (BPH) #6 hooks

• Surface Seducer® Cicada Wings

• Crystal Rhinestones

• Silicone Legs

• Orange Yarn


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