feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Davy Wotton's 'Midge' Fly Assortment
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Davy Wotton's 'Midge' Fly Assortment

FEATHER-CRAFT Davy Wotton's 'Midge' Fly Assortment

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DAVY WOTTON'S "MIDGE" FLY ASSORTMENT Midge flies, or to be more correct, chironomids, are a main trout food source.Almost all waters-be they rivers, stream or lakes-contain them. My collection offers a wide scope of uses for all waters that trout habit. My years of experience have taught me that other than times when fish are selective to a micro midge hatch, that chironomid fly patterns fished at depth are some of the most effective fly patterns you can use. My collection here comprises of my original White tail midge, prism midges, and super midge, which may be used in conjunction with many other fly patterns for dropper rigs, dry dropper and so on. All incorporate Tungsten bead heads, which helps to eliminate the use of additional weight, this allows for the fly to drift more effectively. There are times that we need to add some additional attractor, and that is why l also offer the hot head versions in the midge series, you will be very surprised how effective these can be at times. Contains 24 of Davy's best midges.


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