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"I Never Met An Idiot On The RIVER"
Item # KB113

"I NEVER MET AN IDIOT ON THE RIVER" by Henry Winkler. In this delightful collection of humorous anecdotes and heartfelt observations, Henry Winkler shares the joy and wisdom he's accumulated while honing his skills as a fly-fisherman. Winkler has learned that his yearly trips to the river are not just about catching trout. More importantly, they're about adopting the proper perspective on life. Or, as Winkler puts it, when he's fly-fishing, the river acts like a "washing machine for my brain," recharging him and reminding him that anything is possible. This is really a great/fun read (Bob). Hardbound, 7" x 8.5" format, 144-pages.
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101 Fish: A Fly Fishers Life List
Item # KB131

"101 FISH: A FLY FISHER'S LIFE LIST" by Lefty Kreh. From farm ponds to the Amazon, Lefty's wit & wisdom captured in 101 stories about his most memorable fly-caught fish. Includes favorite flies & natural history facts for each species: tarpon, brown trout, catfish, lemon shark, king salmon, & many more. Full of fly-fishing anecdotes as only Lefty can tell 'em. Each chapter opens with a vibrant color illustration by artist Bill Bishop. Hardbound, 6" x 9", 118 color illustrations; 208 pgs
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A Fly Rod of Your Own
Item # KB157

John Gierach, “the voice of the common angler” (The Wall Street Journal) and member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, brings his sharp sense of humor and keen eye for observation to the fishing life and, for that matter, life in general.

NEW BOOK: “A FLY ROD OF YOUR OWN” by John Gierach. John is known for his witty, trenchant observations about fly-fishing. In A Fly Rod of Your Own, Gierach once again takes us into his world and scrutinizes the art of fly-fishing. He travels to remote fishing locations where the airport is not much bigger than a garage and a flight might be held up because a passenger is running late. He sings the praises of the skilled pilots who fly to remote fishing lodges in tricky locations and bad weather. He explains why even the most veteran fisherman seems to muff his cast whenever he's being filmed or photographed. He describes the all-but-impassable roads that fishermen always seem to encounter at the best fishing spots and why fishermen discuss four-wheel drive vehicles almost as passionately and frequently as they discuss fly rods and flies. And while he's on that subject, he explains why even the most conscientious fisherman always seems to accumulate more rods and flies than he could ever need. Hardbound, 207-pages, 5.5” x 8.5” format.

As Gierach says, “fly-fishing is a continuous process that you learn to love for its own sake. Those who fish already get it, and those who don't couldn't care less, so don't waste your breath on someone who doesn't fish.” From Alaska to the Rockies and across the continent to Maine and the Canadian Maritimes, A Fly Rod of Your Own is an ode to those who fish-and they will get it.
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NLA: A Backyard In Nowhere
Item # KD066

"A BACKYARD IN NOWHERE" - Blinded by stories of giant Northern pike, a trio of fly fishers set out to explore the remote Innoko River in Alaska. They end up getting a whole lot more than they bargained for. After meeting the natives that live in the drainage, their adventure begins to take wild twists and turns. Beautiful scenery and some of the BEST PIKE FISHING EVER CAUGHT ON FILM. Rated PG17: Contains explicit language, profanity, drug use and nudity. 52-minute DVD.
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The Source: New Zealand
Item # KD123

"THE SOURCE: NEW ZEALAND" - A beautiful South Island sampler shot using HD cameras to captures breathtaking fly fishing moments, including stunning aerials and crystal clear underwater footage. This film flows through a collection of stories that personify the New Zealand fly fishing experience, featuring plenty of huge, gorgeous browns and rainbows throughout. Streamer fishing lakes, midge fishing tiny streams, hunting trophy fish in rivers with attractor dries, dry fly fishing a blanket hatch, a jet boat adventure into a remote fiord, and more. 61-minute DVD with 15-minutes of bonus footage.

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EVOLUTION: A Flyfishing Compilation
Item # KD157

NEW DVD COMPILATION! EVOLUTION: CHANOS CHANOS, JUNGLE ANGLER & TURNING POINTS NORTH - All of these films were teased on the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

CHANOS CHANOS (MILKFISH) - Nearly 300 miles southeast of the Seychelles lies far-flung Alphonse Island and adjacent to it, Francois Lagoon. This is one of the famed fly fishing destinations on the planet. In addition to abundant bonefish, triggerfish, trevally and other flats fish. Perhaps the most challenging fish to catch is the fabled milkfish, a turbocharged algae eater growing up to 40 pounds. It's hard to accurately describe the sheer speed, breathtaking acrobatics and technical prowess needed to convert a fly cast to a connection with this greatly unknown species.

TURNING POINTS NORTH: CANADA - Chase northern pike in the best location in the world to catch the largest, most aggressive fish on the planet.

JUNGLE ANGLER: THE LEGEND OF EL DORADO - Join the quest for the legendary golden dorado in the jungles of Bolivia.
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