Antron Yarn
Antron Yarn

Antron Yarn

Item #: TD027

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$1.95 $ 1.95
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White $1.95
Medium Olive $1.95
Olive Dun $1.95
Fl Yellow $1.95
Fl Orange $1.95
Fl Chartreuse $1.95
Tan $1.95
Olive Green $1.95
Cream $1.95
Yellow $1.95
Burnt Orange $1.95
Dark Brown $1.95
Black $1.95
Light Gray $1.95
Steel Gray $1.95
Rusty Orange $1.95


ANTRON YARN - 3-strand shiny acrylic yarn used for shucks, uprights, posts, veils, or tightly-twisted for reflective segmented bodies (like the serendipity). COLORS: (1)White, (2)Cream, (3)Yellow, (4)Burnt-Orange, (5)Dk-Brown, (6)Black, (7)Lt-Gray, (8)Steel-Gray, (9)Rusty-Orange, (10)Med-Olive, (11)Olive-Dun, (12)Fl-Yellow, (13)Fl-Orange, (14)Fl-Chartreuse, (15)Tan, (16)Olive Green (5-yard card)


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