Fly Fishing For Redfish
Fly Fishing For Redfish

Fly Fishing For Redfish

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FLY FISHING FOR REDFISH by Chico Fernandez. When it comes to explaining how to catch the world's most interesting gamefish, no one does it better than Chico Fernández. His explanations are clear, memorable, entertaining, and informed by a lifetime of observation.-- Marshall Cutchin, publisher of MidCurrent. If you're looking to spend some time chasing one of the Atlantic's most popular sport fish, this book can help make it time well spent. Chico Fernández shares a lifetime of expertise and experiences fly fishing for redfish up and down the Atlantic Coast, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico.

* The quintessential book on redfish by the author of the quintessential book on bonefish

* Complete with Aaron Adams's informative science on the fish's lifecycle, habitats, tides, and foods

* Covers the essentials of fishing and tying for redfish: rods, reels, rigs, casting techniques, and flies


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