GLO BUGS Bling Yarn
GLO BUGS Bling Yarn

GLO BUGS Bling Yarn

Item #: TC014

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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Alaskan Roe $3.25
Baby Pink $3.25
Chartreuse $3.25
Oregon Cheese $3.25
Salmon Egg $3.25
Shrimp Pink $3.25
Steelhead orange $3.25


GLO BUGS "BLING" YARN - The original glo bug yarn w/ added explosion of built-in flash. Perfect "sparkling" egg patterns every time. Can also be used as super-bright dubbing for blugill, panfish & trout attractor patterns. COLORS: (1)Alaskan-Roe, (2)Baby-Pink, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Oregon-Cheese, (5)Salmon-Egg, (6)Shrimp-Pink, (7)Steelhead-Orange.


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