Gregs Fly Lipps
Gregs Fly Lipps

Gregs Fly Lipps

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GREG'S FLYLIPPS - Add natural swimming motion to your favorite fly patterns. A plastic "lip" with a grooved "extender" for ease of tying it to the hook shank. If you tie the "LIPP" on top of the hook shank, the fly swims up. Tye the "LIPP" on the bottom of the hook shank, and the fly swims down. Works on streamers, Clouser minnows, bonefish patterns, PLUS shrimp & spoon-flies. Greg is a life-long saltwater fly fisher living in Pensacola, Florida. His favorite fly tied with FLYLIPPS is a "FLOATING" LEFTY DECEIVER. The fly does-not float, as you strip, it swims to the surface. In the surface film, you can make the fly pop, gurgle or just push a v-wake of water. They work with hook sizes-2/0 thru 10, just trim the "LIPP" to the appropriate dimensions. Go to flylipps.com for more fly patterns PLUS tying & fishing tips. (10-PAK)


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