flymen fishing company SURFACE SEDUCER Double Barrel Baitfish Popper
flymen fishing company SURFACE SEDUCER Double Barrel Baitfish Popper

SURFACE SEDUCER Double Barrel Baitfish Popper

Item #: JF706

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$7.45 - $8.50 7.45 8.50
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SIZE-2 White $7.45
SIZE-1/0 White $7.45
SIZE-3/0 White $8.50
SIZE-5/0 White $8.50
SIZE-2 Black/Purple $7.45
SIZE-1/0 Black/Purple $7.45
SIZE-3/0 Black/Purple $7.45
SIZE-5/0 Black/Purple $7.45


SURFACE SEDUCER DOUBLE BARREL BAITFISH POPPER - Hammer a wide range of freshwater and saltwater species with the new Double Barrel Baitfish Popper. This universal, highly effective popper imitates a typical baitfish being pursued (and eaten) by your favorite predatory gamefish such as striped bass, redfish, GT’s, false albacore, pike, peacock bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass. No need to worry about it getting damaged and becoming unfishable – the Baitfish Popper is tied with synthetic materials, its body is coated with flexible epoxy rather than fragile hard epoxy, and it's designed to be virtually indestructible. See the videos at of the poppers being struck by a hammer and run over by a truck! Same Deep cupped double-barrel powerful popping action as the originals, tyed on tough stainless-steel hooks suitable for fresh or saltwater pursuits. Color is Baitfish White in SIZES: 2, 1/0, 3/0 and 5/0.

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