MAYER'S Mini Leech Jig Damsel
MAYER'S Mini Leech Jig Damsel

MAYER'S Mini Leech Jig Damsel

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MAYER’S MINI LEECH DAMSELJIG Here’s how Landon describes the fly…

"When I decided to design a Damsel imitation, I started with the Mini Leech Jig which was already an imitation that I was using as a dropper in both rivers and still waters a like.

The micro pine squirrel and the ostrich in damsel colors were a perfect representation that looks like the natural silhouette of a damsel. More importantly this fly displays horizontal in the water like a natural swimming damsel. This is the best of all worlds because now you’re matching the size, color, and most important, movement of the natural food supply.

What I’ve learned in my research is when damsels are swimming above or around vegetation they tend to be olive. When damsels are swimming on the bottom near sediment or dirt they tend to be a tan or brown coloration.

Damsel-Olive, Size-14


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