NEW! ORVIS Helios Fly Rod Series
NEW! ORVIS Helios Fly Rod Series

NEW! ORVIS Helios Fly Rod Series

Item #: OR115

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$1,098.00 - $1,198.00 1098.00 1198.00
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Finesse 762-4 (7ft 6in 2wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 763-4 (7ft 6in 3wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 843-4 (8ft 4in 3wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 103-4 (10ft 3wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 113-4 (11ft 3wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 764-4 (7ft 6in 4wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 864-4 (8ft 6in 4wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 904-4 (9ft 4wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 865-4 (8ft 6in 5wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 905-4 (9ft 5wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 906-4 (9ft 6wt) $1,098.00
Finesse 908-4 (9ft 8wt) $1,198.00
Distance 104-4 (10ft 4wt) $1,098.00
Distance 905-4 (9ft 5wt) $1,098.00
Distance 955-4 (9ft 5in 5wt) $1,098.00
Distance 105-4 (10ft 5wt) $1,098.00
Distance 906-4FB (9ft 6wt with Fighting Butt) $1,198.00
Distance 106-4FB (10ft 6wt with Fighting Butt) $1,198.00
Distance 857-4 (8ft 5in 7wt) $1,198.00
Distance 907-4 (9ft 7wt) $1,198.00
Distance 107-4 (10ft 7wt) $1,198.00
Distance 858-4 (8ft 5in 8wt) $1,198.00
Distance 908-4 (9ft 8wt) $1,198.00
Distance 909-4 (9ft 9wt) $1,198.00
Distance 8510-4 (8ft 5in 10wt) $1,198.00
Distance 910-4 (9ft 10wt) $1,198.00
Distance 911-4 (9ft 11wt) $1,198.00
Distance 912-4 (9ft 12wt) $1,198.00
Distance 8514-4 (8ft 5in 14wt) $1,198.00




“IN THE OLD DAYS, they’d say that the ideal fly rod became an extension of your arm. The new HELIOS is an extension of your mind. After two long years of extensive development, I can say for certain there are zero compromises in these sticks. Just maximum performance that take the caster into complete flow-state accuracy, from eye to fly, picking targets and not just putting the shot in the box but putting it on the money. The only real excuse we all have now is, well, fly selection.” – Shawn Combs, Orvis Design & Development Director


ORVIS HELIOS FLY ROD SERIES – The fourth generation Helios has arrived! Scientifically proven to be 4X more accurate than Helios-3 and up to 16X more accurate than the competition. Up to 10% lighter swing weight than Helios-3 and 25% stronger. 23 rounds of prototyping and two years of field testing by 20 professionals in 9 states and 7 countries provided input. HELIOS fly rods are designed with the primary purpose of transferring casting energy into accuracy. HELIOS F MODELS offer accuracy with effortless finesse, and sneaky power in the butt for when you need a little bit extra for distance or dealing with wind. A dry fly angler’s dream. HELIOS D MODELS bump up the power, recovery and line speed for distance, with no compromise to accuracy. Expect pinpoint delivery of larger flies in any conditions. F-Model Blanks are Deep-Green, D-Model Blanks are Black, equipped with Titanium Recoil guides and proprietary anodized aluminum reel seats. Burled hardwood insert on the freshwater (non fighting butt) sizes. Made in Manchester, VT. Orvis 25-Year Rod Guarantee.


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