Echo ECHO 84B Bass Fly Rods
Echo ECHO 84B Bass Fly Rods

ECHO 84B Bass Fly Rods

Item #: EC132

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$299.99 $ 299.99
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84B 684-4 (8ft 4in 6wt) $299.99
84B 784-4 (8ft 4in 7wt) $299.99
84B 884-4 (8ft 4in 8wt) $299.99


ECHO 84B BASS FLY RODS - The 84B is Tim Rajeff’s answer to the need for a rod that can cast big flies accurately in all kinds of conditions. Developed with bass anglers in mind and was tested extensively on smallies and largemouth. Quick pickup, minimal false casting and deadly accuracy makes this the ultimate rod for ambush species. Lifetime Warranty.


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