rl winston WINSTON AIR 2 MAX Fly Rod Series
rl winston WINSTON AIR 2 MAX Fly Rod Series

WINSTON AIR 2 MAX Fly Rod Series

Item #: WN134

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$925.00 - $1,245.00 925.00 1245.00


MAX Accuracy. MAX Power. MAX Line Speed. MAX Performance.

WINSTON AIR 2 MAX FLY ROD SERIES - Utilizing award-winning materials in conjunction with Winston’s fastest and most powerful graphite tapers to date, the new AIR 2 Max series optimizes performance in saltwater, warmwater, and large freshwater fishing applications across the globe. Each model has been meticulously tuned for accuracy, lifting strength, and line speed, boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any rod they’ve ever made. Powerful without effecting castability or lightness in-hand. Winston’s proprietary AIR 2 and Boron materials create unprecedented feel, power, tracking, recovery, and lightweight performance – truly redefining fast-action performance for any saltwater and big-game application worldwide. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.




• Cerecoil hard-titanium stripping guides are extremely flexible when stuffed into boat gunnels or tight spots, and use a ceramic insert that is incredibly slick, generating extremely high line speeds. This means achieving more distance with less effort, fewer backcasts, incredible line shooting, and unmatched durability.

• Recoil hard-titanium saltwater snake guides, that are saltwater safe, stronger, lighter, and extremely flexible. These snake guides shoot line effortlessly, for fast shots with big flies.

• A new universal flor-grade grip with low swells and short flares to provide anglers of various hand shapes and grip styles a variety of grip options. This aids in overall feel, line control and comfort when fighting the world’s largest fish.


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