orvis ORVIS Recon Series Fly Rods
orvis ORVIS Recon Series Fly Rods

ORVIS Recon Series Fly Rods

Item #: OR117

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$598.00 $ 598.00
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762-4 (7ft 6in 2wt) $598.00
102-4 (10ft 2wt) $598.00
763-4 (7ft 6in 3wt) $598.00
843-4 (8ft 4in 3wt) $598.00
103-4 (10ft 3wt) $598.00
804-4 (8ft 4wt) $598.00
864-4 (8ft 6in 4wt) $598.00
904-4 (9ft 4wt) $598.00
104-4 (10ft 4wt) $598.00
865-4 (8ft 6in 5wt) $598.00
905-4 (9ft 5wt) $598.00
105-4 (10ft 5wt) $598.00
906-4 (9ft 6wt) $598.00
906-4 FB (9ft 6wt w/Full wells Grip & Fighting Butt) $598.00
966-4 (9ft 6in 6wt) $598.00
907-4 (9ft 7wt) $598.00
107-4 (10ft 7wt) $598.00
908-4 (9ft 8wt) $598.00
108-4 (10ft 8wt) $598.00
909-4 (9ft 9wt) $598.00
910-4 (9ft 10wt) $598.00
912-4 (9ft 12wt) $598.00


ORVIS RECON SERIES FLY RODS – IMPROVED WITH HELIOS-3 TECHNOLOGY – Increased hoop strength, better tracking, improved dampening and significantly improved accuracy. Orvis' proprietary fiber alignment technology eliminates all of the excess graphite, providing the angler with a sleek, fast action rod that tracks true and dampens immediately, delivering deadly accurate cast, and all the while retaining the line feel we all look for in a fast action rod. Freshwater blanks are Matte-Olive with pewter anodized aluminum reelseats, wood insert, rev-half wells grips, silver snake and stripper guides. Big Game blanks (sizes 906-4FB and up) have Matte-Blue, anodized pewter aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt, full-wells grips, silver snake and stripping guides. Aluminum rod tube included. Made in Vermont. 



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