redington REDINGTON Topo Combo
redington REDINGTON Topo Combo


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REDINGTON TOPO COMBO - Just add water. The TOPO combo comes complete with everything you need to fish: 9-foot 5-weight rod, Crosswater reel, WF5F fly line, a tapered leader, flies, a fly box, extra spool of tippet, and a nipper. The convenient, packable 4-piece size makes it an easy addition to your next outdoor adventure or the perfect starting kit for anglers just entering the sport.


• All water, moderate-fast action rod

• TOPO fly rod, CROSSWATER reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream WF5F fly line with front loop, 9' 5x tapered RIO leader, nippers, (6) high floating flies in fly box, an extra spool of RIO tippet, and a zippered carrying case

• Alignment dots for easy rod setup

• Six high floating, easy-to-see foam dry flies packed in a custom Redington sealed fly box: Olive Foam Caddis Size 14, Tan Bullet Hopper Size 10, Hi-Vis Foam Ant Size 16, Hi-Vis Foam Beetle Size 12, Foam Adams Mayfly Size 14, Foam BWO Mayfly Size 16

• Alignment dots for easy rod setup

• 1 year warranty


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