Electric Eggstasy
Electric Eggstasy

Electric Eggstasy

Item #: TC030

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$7.25 $ 7.25
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Blood Red $7.25
Candy Pink $7.25
Fire Orange $7.25
Fl Chartreuse $7.25
Fl Cheese $7.25
Fl Peach $7.25
Fl Red $7.25
Fl Yellow $7.25
Hot Pink $7.25
Salmon Pink $7.25
Salmon Roe $7.25
Sockeye $7.25
Sunburst $7.25
Sweetcorn $7.25
UV White $7.25


ELECTRIC EGGSTASY - The latest addition to our Eggstasy range and features new, super-vibrant, U.V Fibers. These new fibers add another dimension in the water giving off a UV purple flash. A revolutionary new product for tying egg-flies. Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning the yarn, Eggstasy is built on a core which means you can simply tye it like a chenille! NX-Gen Fibers are micro thin and are designed to trap water forming an almost slush-like texture when wet. The fibers themselves are also translucent which allows light to travel through the egg/blob – unlike standard egg yarn. It also has great movement in the water, unlike egg yarn which remains static. In the water the egg looks virtually life-like. There is a 30% color change when wet, put it in the water and the color comes alive! COLORS: (1)Blood-Red, (2)Candy-Pink, (3)Fire-Orange, (4)Fl-Chartreuse, (5)Fl-Cheese, (6)Fl-Peach, (7)Fl-Red, (9)Fl-Yellow, (10)Hot-Pink, (11)Salsom-Pink, (12)Salmon-Roe, (13)Sockeye, (14)Sunburst, (15)Sweetcorn, (16)UV-White. 3-yd pak


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