Raptor Hackle
Raptor Hackle

Raptor Hackle

Item #: TK198

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$9.95 $ 9.95
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Baby Blue $9.95
Black $9.95
Bright Purple $9.95
Chartreuse $9.95
White $9.95
Hot Orange $9.95
Hot Pink $9.95
Light Olive $9.95
Minnow-Blue $9.95
Shrimp Pink $9.95
Shrimp Tan $9.95
Sunburst Yellow $9.95


RAPTOR HACKLE – Short Rhea Quills are perfect for intruder style patterns, saltwater flies or any pattern where extreme movement is required. FLUORESCENT COLORS: (1)Baby-Blue, (2)Blk, (3)Brt-Purple, (4)Chartreuse, (5)White, (6)Hot-Orange, (7)Hot-Pink, (8)Lt-Olive, (9)Minnow-Blue, (10)Shrimp-Pink, (11)Shrimp-Tan, (12)Sunburst-Yel. 4-pak


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