flymen fishing company FLYMEN Baitfish Bandito Kit
flymen fishing company FLYMEN Baitfish Bandito Kit

FLYMEN Baitfish Bandito Kit

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FLYMEN BAITFISH BANDITO KIT - A weighted articulated streamer for fishing deeper in the water column. Everything you need to tie 6 Baitfish Bandito flies.

The Bandito Baitfish is a weighted articulated streamer perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach fish in deeper waters. It is simple to tie and designed to sink slowly, allowing you to fish deeper in the water column.

Bandito Baitfish Head: Gives the fly a slow sink rate, allowing it to sneak deeper, ready to ambush prey like a true bandito.

Articulated Shanks: Enhances the swimming action of the fly, creating a realistic baitfish movement.

Rabbit Fur and Silicone Legs: Provides natural movement, attracting fish with every twitch.

Living Eyes: Draws in game fish with a realistic and alluring appearance.

Kona hooks: Positioned at back of fly to snare short-striking fish.


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