Mono Master Waste Line Holder
Mono Master Waste Line Holder

Mono Master Waste Line Holder

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MONO MASTER WASTE LINE HOLDER - An innovative device for handling and disposing of waste monofilament. Discarded mono lasts around 600 years, and when left streamside it usually ends up tangled around a bush, a heron or a trout. Shove it in your pocket and it tangles with fly boxes and tools, and is often accidentally dropped in the stream anyway. The MONO MASTER is the solution. Simply push waste mono into the slot in the side of the device (just to get it started) and spin the handle. Waste mono is "vacuumed" up instantly. MONO MASTER weighs nothing, holds up to 50 meters at a time, and is simple to empty when you get home. An easy way to prevent waste monofilament pollution.

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