oasis Oasis Sparkle Spinner
oasis Oasis Sparkle Spinner

Oasis Sparkle Spinner

Item #: SA009

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OASIS SPARKLE SPINNER - Rotating Dispenser and Organizer for any product that comes in a "hank". THIS IS GREAT. Neatly stores Flashabou, Krystal Flash, Midge Flash, Sparkle Flash, Polar-Aire, EP Silky Fibers, Angel Hair, Super Hair and more. Each unit holds up to sixteen "hanked" materials. Keeps these "fine" flashy materials from becoming a knotted-up mess. Clever elastic-band holds materials neatly and securely in place, yet they can be easily removed for use. BONUS: 8 brass rods on top hold up to 16-spools of thread or tinsel. Solid oak construction.

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