Pliers and Hook Sharpeners

Abel Spring Lanyard
Item # HF051

The perfect way to attach your pliers to your sheath... Works well with any pliers of any make and size. Solid rubber wont deform and has oversized durable brass split rings.
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Hatch Nomad Pliers
Item # HM097

HATCH "NOMAD" PLIERS are crafted from premium 6061 T6 Aluminum then protected with Type II anodizing process. The cutters are top of the line too -made from Tungsten Carbide to make sure they do the job, no matter what kind of fishing line you may be using. The jaws on these babies are machined from 1704 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance. These pliers scream quality from their top of the line construction to how well they fit in hand. Nomad pliers come with a custom Hatch bungee lanyard and a black leather sheath. As an added bonus, when you release that fish of a lifetime, you can reach for a cold one and use the built-in bottle opener to celebrate your catch. 6.25" long, 2" wide, only 3.9oz. COLORS: (1)Red, (2)Blue, (3)Clear
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DR. Slick Typhoon Pliers
Item # HM098

DR. SLICK TYPHOON PLIERS - Individually machined - not die cast - and the result of about 14 months of design, testing, hand balancing. TYPHOON PLIERS are anodized gold and green, and come with a coiled bungee lanyard, dual-pocket Nylon holster and replacement cutters, jaws and hex key. The extra cutters, jaws and hex key are packaged separately to be used as needed. The HR (Rockwell Hardness) 70+ side cutters are lethal on all monofilament, new age braid and synthetic lines plus coated wire up to 60-pound. Pliers' jaws have a half smooth and half striated design for gripping hooks securely made from heat-treated SUS420 J2 coated stainless steel with a HR of 52. Frame is 6061-T6 aircraft anodized aluminum to withstand saltwater. Non-slip rubber grips and a self-opening spring. 6.5-in, 4.5-oz.
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Abel #4 Pliers
Item # HM116

ABEL #4 BIG-GAME/SALTWATER PLIERS Machined from high tensile strength aluminum, then anodized Hi-Gloss Black. Hard working tools built for a lifetime of use. The incredibly tough jaws are replaceable if you should ever damage them, as are the built-in cutters. Jaws are spring-loaded. The #4 "Saltwater" model will remove a hook from a marlin, cut 250-lb braided wire PLUS open your favorite beer or pop bottle with the bottle-opener built into its handle. 6.5" long, 4.1-oz. Standard color is Gloss-Black.

NOTE: Pliers shown in optional Blue color. Solid colors (other tan Gloss-Black) have a $50 upcharge. Abel hand painted fish grahics have a $176 upcharge,
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Streamworks Nighthawk Lighted Pliers
Item # HM118

NIGHTHAWK LIGHTED PLIERS is the newest creation from the guys at Streamworks. You've gotta check these out. Not only is this an affordable salt safe pliers, but it has an industry first... a built in light! The light module is completely sealed and the batteries are replaceable (the pliers have batteries installed, so it is ready to light up from the day you open it up). You also will love the replacable tungsten carbide cutters that will slice through braid, steel wire and mono with ease. Also included is a black cordura holster to slide onto a belt with stretchable lanyard to keep these by your side at all times. If you have been in the market for a quality pliers that will do it all (and more!) at a great price, you will love these.
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Simms Plier
Item # HM119

SIMMS PLIER - Machined from aircraft aluminum to be ultra lightweight and extremely durable. Replaceable jaws are forged from 440C stainless steel and have a graduated grip pattern for gripping multiple surface types. Super sharp, replaceable tungsten carbide cutters make quick work of rigging. Hollow stainless-steel hinge allows for better grip. Exterior finger guard to prevent slippage, beveled notch for tightening knots. Retractor clip-in points. LENGTH: 7". WEIGHT: 5 oz. COLORS: (1)Simms-Orange, (2)Gunmetal, (3)Oasis, (4)Black
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Rising Work Pliers
Item # HM120

6-INCH WORK PLIERS by Rising. Multi-functional needlenose pliers. Great for saltwater & larger freshwater species. Features a sharp cutter for braided line, mono or wire, a crimping ridge, hole in jaw for knot tightening on large hooks (run the hook thru it and pull), rubber grips & 3-click locking mechanism.
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Simms Pliar Lanyard
Item # HM200

SIMMS PLIAR LANYARD - Clips into Simms Plier and Plier Sheath. Extends up to 6-feet.
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No Longer Available
Item # HM253

PESCADOR-6 PLIERS with Lanyard & Sheath The PESCADOR 6 FISHING PLIERS by ROSS REELS Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum with heat-treated, replaceable stainless-steel jaws and cutting blades. They fit very comfortably in hand. Super-sharp TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CUTTERS effortlessly slice through virtually all sizes of fishing-specific size mono, wires and braided lines, PLUS have ample jaw strength to safely remove hooks, tighten knots, crimp sleeves and connect wires. There is also a replaceable diamond coated hook sharpening stone built-in. Spring loaded handles. SPRING LANYARD AND CORDURA SHEATH INCLUDED. Nice! Weight: 3.9-oz. Length: 6-inch. ANODIZED COLORS: (1)Black or (2)Titanium (SPECIFY)
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Abel #2 Pliers/Knife Combo
Item # HM254

ABEL #2 PLIERS/KNIFE COMBO KIT ABEL PLIERS/KNIFE COMBO KIT - Includes Sheath, lanyard, AbelBlade Knife and #2 Abel Pliers.

NOTE: The price on this item has increased due to Abel's new BISON LEATHER CONSTRUCTION. It is more supple and water resistant than the original leather sheaths.
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Crocodile Work Pliers
Item # HM276

CROCODILE WORK PLIERS by Rising. 8.5" multi-functional needlenose pliers. Great for saltwater & larger freshwater species. Features a sharp cutter for braided line, mono or wire, a crimping ridge, hole in jaw for knot tightening on large hooks (run the hook thru it and pull), rubber grips & 3-click locking mechanism.

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FF-1 Pliers
Item # HM322

FF-1 FISHERMAN'S PLIERS by Sport Tools. Use at the bench and on the water. Stainless-steel, Razor-sharp cutters for mono 1-lb to 300-lb test, spring-loaded jaws always open and ready for use. Comfortable non-slip grips are drilled for a lanyard. Precision jaws for pulling line, crimping barbs, mashing split-shot, and hook removal. This is one of the smartest on-stream tools you will ever own.
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