Fly Treatment

Fly-Agra Fly Floatant
Item # HC100

FLY-AGRA FLY FOATANT - Pre-treat to waterproof your flies beforehand, or use it right on the water. AMAZING FLOATATION! Warning on the bottle states, "If your fly stays up for more than 4 hours, consult your fly shop." BIG wide-mouth 2-oz bottle, tie fly to tippet, dunk it and go.
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Spectrum Response
Item # HC105

"SPECTRUM RESPONSE" HYPERSPECTRAL FLY TREATMENT Brings Your Fly to Life with UV and Visible Light Radiance, just like Mother Nature. Catch Bigger Fish and More Fish. In water, visible light is often diffused and the vibrant colors of your fly become dull, lifeless shades of gray. With intense visual effects that trigger strikes, Spectrum Response is a revolutionary hyperspectral fly treatment that increases fly visibility, giving radiant energy to every fly type in all lighting and water conditions; helping you attract and catch more fish and the wariest of big fish. How Does it Work? Using Quantum Optics Technology, Spectrum Response causes the treated materials of the fly to absorb radiation in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum, giving your fly vibrant, radiant color and the appearance of life. Treats freshwater and saltwater flies of all types. Hydrophobic formula provides lasting effect. Will not bind materials or hinder action. Fast and simple to apply. Dries quickly. Non-toxic to the environment. 2-OUNCE pump spray bottle
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Shimazaki Dry Shake Spray
Item # HC106

NEW! SIMAKAKI DRY SHAKE SPRAY - Now you can experience the amazing buoyant qualities of Shimazaki Dry Shake floatant with this new easy application spray. In one quick spritz, your fly becomes thoroughly water repellant to the tip of the hackle fibers, making it sit on the surface film exactly as a natural insect does. 1.69-oz can
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Shimazaki Dry Shake Liquid
Item # HC107

NEW! SHIMAZAKI DRY SHAKE LIQUID - Pre-treat your flies at the tying bench, or use it right on the stream with a 'dunk and throw'. Flies float like a cork! 30ml bottle
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Shimazaki Dry Shake Primer
Item # HC206

SHIMAZAKI "DRY SHAKE PRIMER" makes DRY SHAKE WORK SURPRISINGLY LONGER. Apply to fly then Dry Shake as normal. When using floating nymphs or CDC emergers, just apply the primer to the "top half" of the fly creating a hanging effect. Complete instructions included. PRIMER container has a sticky-bottom that conveniently attaches to the top of your Dry Shake bottle.
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Aqua Glo
Item # HC345

AQUA-GLO Glow-in-the-dark dressing for wet or dry flies. Activated by sunlight or natural light, AQUA-GLO instantly gives a brilliant yellow-green glow to a fly or strike indicator. We've had several reports of night trout fishers (especially in tailwaters) kicking butt with this stuff. And how about night fishing around the lighted docks (so popular now) for snook, tarpon, sea-trout etc. in Florida. A Lefty's Deceiver with "glowing" cheeks looks dynamite. A 20-minute exposure to sunlight produces hours of glow. Just a 1-minute exposure to flashlight or headlamp and flies will glow for up to an hour!
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F-C Top Fly Gel
Item # HC367

F-C TOP-FLY GEL "Dry-Fly Floatant" A favorite for over 25-years! Still the pure silicone-gel that won't melt till 450-degrees or freeze till 70-below zero. Dab a tiny bit on your finger. Rub finger tips together. Pull hackle fibers thru fingers. Also the finest lubricant available for reels and fine sporting guns. Comes in a convenient polycon container.
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Rene Harrop Cdc Dressing
Item # HC450

RENE HARROP'S "NATURAL CDC FLY DRESSING" This is the original floatant/dressing for CDC flies and delicate dry flies made from real preen-oil. The best for levitating those deadly CDC emergers in the surface film.
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Item # HC505

WATERSHED PERMANENT WATERPROOFING LIQUID Permanently waterproof dry flies & hair bugs - right at the tying bench. Does not affect color or material. Does not leave oil rings. Odorless after drying (24-hr drying time). A quick dip or dabbed on with fingers or toothpick. FLIES FLOAT LIKE A CORK.
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Doc's Dry Dust
Item # HC563

"DOC'S DRY DUST" DOUBLE DUTY FLY TREATMENT: Brush this powder on a size-10 "weighted" Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph. Set the nymph on the surface of a cup of water and it floats! But it ain't the real show. Oh sure, it'll float a dry fly all day, CDC included. BUT LOOK take your finger and push that weighted-nymph under the surface so it sinks, AND IT INSTANTLY HAS A CLEAR BUBBLE SHEATH AROUND IT. Picture this stuff brushed on an emerger pattern, then use the Leisenring-lift. (1-oz bottle)
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Shimazaki Dry Shake White
Item # HC747

SHIMAZAKI "DRY SHAKE" FLY DRYER/FLOATANT is Best Of Breed. Drop a wet fly into the Wide-Mouth container (tippet attached), close the lid and shake. Dries the fly instantly and applies a coat of dry floatant making the fly ready to use again. Floats even sparse dry flies and CDC patterns. (1)White
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Loon Top Ride
Item # HC748

HC748 LOON TOP RIDE - known as shake-and-bake by world class guides, this desiccant (drying agent) and powder floatant is fast and easy to use. A fly (still attached to the leader) goes in wet, a few shakes later comes out dry and coated with floatant.

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