Thread Tinsel and Wires

Uni 8/0
Item # TH001

SIZE 8/0 UNI-THREAD Everyone's favorite for dry flies and nymphs. Small diameter. Strong. Pre-waxed 200-yd spools. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Yellow, (3)Orange, (4)Gray, (5)Rusty-Dun, (6)Tan, (7)Red, (8)Dk-Brown, (9)Olive, (10)Lt-Cahill, (11)Black, (12)Iron-Gray, (13)Camel, (14)Fire-Orange, (15)Rusty-Brown, (16)Olive-Dun, (17)Purple, (18)Fl-Orange, (19)Green, (20)Pink, (21)Chartreuse, (22)Wine, (23)Lt-Olive (per spool)
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Uni 6/0
Item # TH002

SIZE 6/0 UNI-THREAD Stronger than 8/0, yet only a bit larger diameter. You can spin small(muddler) deer-hair & streamers with this. Pre-waxed 200-yd spools. COLORS:(1)White, (2)Yellow, (3)Orange, (4)Gray, (5)Rusty-Dun, (6)Tan, (7)Red, (8)Dk-Brown, (9)Olive, (10)Lt-Cahill, (11)Black, (12)Iron-Gray, (13)Camel, (14)Fire-Orange, (15)Wine, (16)Silver-Doc-Blue, (17)Pink, (18)Green, (19)Rusty-Brown, (20)Olive-Dun, (21)Purple, (22)Lt-Blue, (23)Royal-Blue, (24)Chartreuse, (25)Lt-Olive (per spool)
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Uni 3/0
Item # TH003

SIZE-3/0 UNI-THREAD is what I use to tye F-C Sand Shrimps and other saltwater & bass flys. It's fine diameter and strong. Wraps flat. Strong enough to spin deer-hair, or tye wool-head sculpins. Pre-waxed 100-yd spools. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Dk-Brown, (4)Fl-Chartreuse, (5)Green, (6)Gray, (7)Lt-Cahill, (8)Olive, (9)Orange, (10)Pink, (11)Red, (12)Tan, (13)White, (14)Wine, (15)Yellow, (16)Iron-Gray, (17)Lt-Blue, (18)Rusty-Brown
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Danville Flat Waxed Nylon
Item # TH005

FLAT-WAXED NYLON FLOSS-THREAD by DANVILLE A favorite for saltwater, bass, pike, and other large flies. Won't fray. Strong, ya can't break it. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Yellow, (3)Lt-Grey, (4)Brown, (5)Red, (6)Lt-Olive, (7)Black, (8)Fl-Red, (9)Fl-Yellow, (10)Fl-Orange, (11)Fl-Green, (12)Fl-Fire-Orange, (13)Fl-White, (14)Fl-Blue, (15)Fl-Shell-Pink > SUPER-GOTCHA color, (16)Tan, (17)Dk-Olive (100-yard spool)
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Uni Big Fly
Item # TH006

UNI "BIG-FLY" THREAD For spinning deer hair, tying in woolheads, tying in gobs of bucktail on big-fish deceivers and anywhere that Extreme thread strength is required. Doesn't build up as fast as flat waxed nylon. Wraps flat. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Dk-Brown, (3)Olive, (4)Orange, (5)Pink, (6)Fire-Orange, (7)White, (8)Yellow, (9)Red, (10)Chartreuse, (11)Gray, (12)Tan (80-yard spool)
NOTE: catalog misprint: spools are 80 yds, NOT 100 yds
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4/0 Kevlar Thread
Item # TH007

4/0 KEVLAR SUPER-THREAD For tying Glo-Bugs, saltwater flies, bass bugs, or when EXTREME THREAD STRENGTH is required. Pre-waxed. Wraps flat. COLORS: (1)Olive, (2)Orange, (3)Yellow, (4)Red, (5)Brown, (6)Black (50-yard spool)
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Gsp Thread
Item # TH008

ULTRA "GSP" THREAD Strongest thread on the planet. Made from continuous fibers of gel-spun polyethylene. Chris Helms tyes with this in his video "SPINNING DEER HAIR". Wraps flat. SIZES: 75-Denier (6-lb breaking Strength), 100-Denier (8-lb breaking strength), 200-Denier (16-lb breaking strength). COLORS: (1)Olive, (2)Yellow, (4)Red, (5)Fl-Chartreuse, (6)White, (7)Black, (8)Orange, (9(Brown, (10)Green $3.95/50-yd spl (NOTE: Fl Chartruese not available in 75 or 200 denier.)
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Uni Clear Mono Thread
Item # TH009

UNI-TRANSLUCENT CLEAR-MONO Tying Thread is strong. Perfect for tying shrimp & squid patterns. Ribbing scuds or wrapping midge bodies. Pal Bobby Popovics "over-coats" it with epoxy, and the thread disappears. NOTICE: SOME ARE USING THIS AS TIPPET-MATERIAL for midge fishing. REMEMBER loop a SHOCK-GUM SECTION off end of fly line first. Then a 7-ft F-C LUCKY-DOG BUTT-SECTION (it stretches too). Then 24-inch tippet of this in "fine" (size "fine" is 8/0 diameter with 4/0 strength). SIZES: (1)Fine, (2)Medium (per spool)
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Uni Stretch
Item # TH010

UNI-STRETCH NYLON-STRETCH THREAD You saw this used as the double-butt on the Dick Talleur's Conglomerate salmon-fly. Tye with this stuff in a standard-bobbin. Pulled tight, and it's like 6/0 thread, tyes flat. I tye a complete Partridge & Orange Soft-Hackle with it. Beautiful marabou streamers using it for both body and finishing the head. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Fl-Chartreuse, (3)Chinese-Red, (4)Fuchsia, (5)Green, (6)Fl-Hot-Pink, (7)Fl-Soft-Hackle-Orange, (8)White, (9)Yellow, (10)Olive, (11)Brown (per spool)
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Pearsalls Gossamer Silk
Item # TH011

IMPORTED PEARSALL'S GOSSAMER TYING SILK For tying SOFT-HACKLE Patterns. Spools fit Matarelli "MIDGE" Bobbins. Use silk for fly-body and tying in soft-hackle and finishing fly head. COLORS: (1)Orange (Partridge & Orange), (2)Purple (Starling & Purple), (3)Yellow (P.M.D. W/TUPS-PINK F-C Real-Seal elsewhere here), (4)Olive (B.W. Olive Emerger), (5)Brown-Spider, (6)Green, (7)White, (8)Scarlet-Red (per spool)
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Uni Floss
Item # TH012

UNI "FLOSS" - Super shiny 600-denier rayon floss. Wrap streamer bodies, use it as ribbing, and of course, the color patch on all the "Royal" flies. (1)Black, (2)Bright-Yel, (3)Olive, (4)Orange, (5)Pink, (6)Red, (7)White, (8)Neon-Chartreuse, (9)Neon-Hot-Orange, (10)Neon-Chinese-Red
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UNI-CORD 12/0 Gsp Thread
Item # TH013

IT'S BACK! UNI-CORD 12/0 GSP THREAD An awesome combination of small size and great strength. At 50-denier and a breaking-strength of four (4) pounds, it will handle the toughest jobs. Great for spinning deer hair on trout flies, holding together big foam flies, and when dubbed with the split-thread method, it creates almost indestructible bodies. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)White, (3)Red, (4)Yellow, (5)Olive, (6)Fl-Green (50-yd spl)
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