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Colorado Trout Flies
Item # 197931

"Colorado Trout Flies" by Todd Hosman. Introduction by Ed Engle. The East Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is home to an extraordinary concentration of accomplished fly tyers, perhaps more than anywhere in the world. Colorado Trout Flies profiles 34 of them, including professional tyers, fly-fishing guides and writers. The book also details 68 great fly patterns (with color photos and recipes) as crafted by the featured tyers. Based on the author's extensive interviews and research, Colorado Trout Flies brings the reader into the fly tyer's world of tradition and innovation; of imitation and imagination. For fly anglers and tyers, Colorado Trout Flies presents a unique and invaluable reference. Everyone can savor the book's insights into a remarkable group of people and the beautifully functional objects they create. Each of the book's 34 tyers presents two favorite patterns (typically a dry fly and non-dry fly). In all, the book documents 68 fly designs, with accurate recipes. More than 80 color photographs of trout flies, plus more than 100 B&W photos, including an original portrait of each tyer. A portion of the proceeds from this book's sales will be donated to The Nature Conservancy and Colorado Trout Unlimited. Hardcover, 332-pages, indexed, 10.25" x 7.25".
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Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying
Item # 197949

"Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying" is a modern course in fly-tying fundamentals covering the essential tools, materials, and techniques needed to tie a wide range of popular flies. With 1,000 photos, Craven covers cutting-edge techniques for the more tried-and-true classics, such as the Royal Wulff, Adams, and Hare_s Ear, and shares innovative approaches to current patterns such as the Brassie, RS2, and Copper John. With clear, concise text, Craven provides tips and techniques from his over thirty years of tying flies for fly shops on Colorado_s Front Range. This book is built on Craven_s successful fly-tying classes, which start out with simple flies and work toward more complex patterns, all the while teaching techniques and introducing materials by tying popular patterns that catch fish in Eastern and Western streams. This series of lessons show how flies build on one another, enabling readers to tie a wide range of patterns simply by breaking them down into parts. Craven illustrates the progression with his meticulous directions to fingerbusters like Copper Johns, Stimulators, and Humpies. This book, which is sure to become a standard text for basic fly tying, covers 17 flies (including recipes for popular variations), including the Brassie, Black Beauty, RS2, Hare_s Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, Copper John, Woolly Bugger, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator, Adams, Rusty Spinner, Parachute Blue-Winged Olive, X Comparadun, Royal Wulff, Humpy, and Goddard Caddis. Hardbound, 264-pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format.
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Fly Tying With A.K. - Patterns & Problem Solving With New Materials & Techniques
Item # 198675

FLY TYING WITH A.K. - PATTERNS & PROBLEM SOLVING WITH NEW MATERIALS & TECHNIQUES by A.K. Best. Tips & techniques from master fly tier Best help you meet the challenges of today's new tying materials. Addresses several common tying problems & gives solutions that every tier can use. Describes new materials & patterns, explains how they differ from traditional materials, & what that means for today's fisherman. Softbound, 8.5" x 11", 132-pgs, 314-color photos.
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Spring Creek Strategies
Item # 198680

SPRING CREEK STRATEGIES: HATCHES, PATTERNS, AND TECHNIQUES by Mike Heck. Expert fly tier & guide Mike Heck from Pennsylvania, the cradle of American spring-creek country, shares tactics & techniques he teaches his clients to catch these tough trout. Includes his top fly patterns, tips on matching the major hatches of Tricos, Baetis, & Sulphurs (PMDs), & his thoughts on stealth & presentation. Hardbound, 176-pages, 7" x 9", 180 color photos plus 15 B&W illustrations.
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Home Waters
Item # 205864

Home Waters: Third Edition- The fly angler's guide to trout streams and rivers of Arkansas, Tennessee and Southern Missouri. Homewater's was compiled and published by The Mid-South Fly Fishers. Lefty Kreh says. 'If you fish the Mid-South, Home Waters is the best book for you. It is a gathering of practical information from many of the top fly fishers of the region. A rare publishing jewel!' Like Lefty said, this is a must have for those fishing in this region. The book also comes with 6 removable maps! $34.00
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Tying Furled Flies
Item # 205888

Tying Furled Flies, by Ken Hanley takes you through the technique of twisting materials together to form bodies (and other parts) on flies. The technique allows tiers to create durable and effective imitations of the important foods that trout, bass and steelhead feed on. Hanley walks you though bugs like, mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, hoppers and dragonflies. Over 500 photos tying over 15 patterns. $21.95
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My Life Was This Big
Item # 227141

My Life Was This Big & Other True Fishing Tales by Lefty Kreh with Chris Millard: Lefty Kreh takes his readers on an angling journey through the last half-century, when water was big and fishermen were bigger (maybe). But, despite all that’s changed since the fifties, when Lefty began his career as a professional fly fisherman and writer, fishing is still just fishing. In My Life Was This Big, he relates tales of fishing expeditions with Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway, as well as solo battles with some of the scrappiest, most elusive fish in the world. Lefty also takes the reader through the development of his world-famous "Deceiver" fly style, and takes on the issue of conservation through catch-and-release.

This is a glimpse into the heart and soul of Lefty Kreh- a man who has written for nearly every outdoor magazine in the U.S.; a man who has fished some of the remotest parts of the globe; and a man whose books and articles have taught thousands of people his techniques for hooking and landing more fish. For fans both young and old, these are Lefty’s stories.
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Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies
Item # 323561

NEW BOOK! "TYING CATSKILL-STYLE DRY FLIES" by Mike Valla - The Catskills region of the eastern United States, just two hours northeast of New York City, was the birthplace for a uniquely American style of fly that continues to grace the bins of fly shops around the world. Mike Valla explores the essence of Catskill flies, delving into the history of the regions rivers, fly fishers, and fly tiers and blending their colorful histories with precise step-by-step tying methods. This book is essential for those not only interested in learning to tie the Catskill-style flies, but also those interested in the history of American fly fishing. Hardbound, 8 1/2" x 11" (2.79 lbs), full color, 233 pages.
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California's Best Fishing Waters
Item # 323600

NEW MAP BOOK: "CALIFORNIA'S BEST FISHING WATERS"- Maps, maps, and more maps! California’s 31 best rivers and streams are completely revealed in excellent, detailed, full-color maps showing every fishing access, campground, boat launch, tributary, and trail, along with great information about each section of water and nearby fisheries. Public land is clearly identified in color, and every possible access or state lease is easy to find with just a glance. Everything you need to know is on these maps. 182 Detailed Maps of 31 of the Best Rivers and Streams

From Northern California’s famous trout rivers and coastal steelhead streams to Yosemite National Park waters and small streams in the Sierras, these incredibly comprehensive maps will lead you to the best fishing California has to offer. Official access sites are clearly marked including GPS coordinants, along with the boat ramps, campgrounds, and roads and trails that allow additional access to every stream. River miles, public and private land, and a wealth of other useful information for anglers is also included. Now Including GPS. Softbound, lay-flat binding, 8 1/2" x 11", 224 pages, 182-maps.

Here is a list of waters included in the book:

American River
Carson River
Eel River
Fall River
Feather River
Garcia River
Gualala River
Hat Creek
Hot Creek
Kern River
Kings River
Klamath River
Mad River
Mattole River
McCloud River
Merced River
Navarro River
Owens River
Pit River
Russian River
Sacramento River, Lower
Sacramento River, Upper
San Joaquin River
Smith River
Stanislaus River
Trinity River
Truckee River
Tuolumne River
Walker River, East
Walker River, West
Yuba River
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Colorado's Best Fishing Waters
Item # 323615

NEW MAP BOOK: "COLORADO'S BEST FISHING WATERS" - Maps, maps, and more maps! Colorado’s 30 best rivers and streams and 40 best lakes are completely revealed in excellent, detailed, full-color maps showing every fishing access, campground, boat launch, tributary, and trail, along with great information about each section of water and nearby fisheries. Public land is clearly identified in color, and every possible access or state lease is easy to find with just a glance. Everything you need to know is on these maps.
Softbound, lay-flat binding, 8 1/2" x 11", 224-pages, 200+ maps. NOW INCLUDING GPS

Here is a list of waters available in this book: The Rivers

Animas River
Arkansas River
Big Thompson River
Blue River
Cache La Poudre River
Cochetopa Creek
Colorado River
Conejos River
Crystal River
Dolores River
Eagle River
East River
Elk River
Fryingpan River
Gunnison River
Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
Laramie River
Los Pinos River
North Platte River
Piedra River
Rio Grande River
Roaring Fork River
Rocky Mountain National Park
San Juan River
San Miguel River
South Platte River
St. Vrain Creek
Taylor River
Uncompahgre River
White River
Yampa River

The Lakes

Aurora Reservoir
Blue Mesa Reservoir
Bonny Reservoir
Chambers Lake
Chatfield Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Delaney Butte Lakes
Elevenmile Reservoir
Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake
Grand Mesa Lakes, East
Grand Mesa Lakes, West
Green Mountain Reservoir
Hohnholz Lakes
Horseshoe Lake and Martin Lake
Horsetooth Reservoir
Jackson Reservoir
John Martin Reservoir
Lake Granby
Lake John
Lon Hagler Reservoir
McPhee Reservoir
Neenoshe, Neegronda, and Queens Reservoirs
North Sterling Reservoir
Pearl Lake
Pueblo Reservoir
Quincy Reservoir
Red Feather Lakes
Sanchez Reservoir
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Stagecoach Reservoir
Steamboat Lake
Taylor Park Reservoir
Trappers Lake
Turquoise Lake
Vallecito Reservoir
Vega Reservoir
Williams Fork Reservoir
Wolford Mountain Reservoir
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Idaho's Best Fishing Waters
Item # 323620

NEW MAP BOOK: "IDAHO'S BEST FISHING WATERS" - The sixth book in our Best Fishing Waters series has 167 detailed full color maps of 26 of Idaho’s best rivers, streams and lakes. This is the most comprehensive book of angling maps ever created for Idaho’s rivers, streams and lakes. Each 8 1/2x11-inch map shows all the access sites with GPS coordinates, along with boat ramps, campgrounds, roads, trails, rapids, dams and a wealth of other useful information. Each water starts with an overview map. Then each water is covered with a number of detailed maps. For example, the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River has an overview map and eight detailed maps for a total of nine maps. The Clearwater river has a total of 10 maps. The Snake River is covered in 27-detailed maps from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to Lewiston. Other waters include, Big Lost River, Big and Little Wood rivers, Boise, Clearwater, Coeur d’Alene, Fort Hall bottoms, Kelly Creek, Kootenai, Lochsa, Payette, Salmon, Selway, Silver Creek, South Fork of the Boise, the St. Joe, the Teton River, and others. NOW INCLUDING GPS. Softbound, lay-flat binding, 8 1/2" x 11", 176-pages, 167 maps.

Waters included in this book:

Big Lost River
Big Wood River
Blackfoot River
Boise River
Chesterfield Reservoir
Clearwater River
Coeur d’Alene River
Fort Hall Bottoms
Henry’s Fork of the Snake River
Kelly Creek
Kootenai River
Little Wood River
Lochsa River
Moyie River
Palisades Reservoir
Payette Park
Pend Oreille River
Priest Lake and River
Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir
Salmon River
Selway River
Silver Creek
Snake River
South Fork Boise River
St. Joe River
Teton River

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Montana's Best Fishing Waters
Item # 323635

NEW MAP BOOK: "MONTANA'S BEST FISHING WATERS" - 173 full color detailed maps of 34 of Montana's best fishing waters (includes rivers, streams, and lakes). For example, the Madison River has an overview map and five detailed maps. The Missouri has a total of 13 maps, one overview and 12 detailed maps. Each map is in full color and 8" x 12" in size. The maps show the river's public access points along with GPS coordinates for each access. We also show dams, islands, and other important features of the water. We show the road systems, towns, campgrounds, boat ramps, parks and recreation areas. There are notes on each map with information on the fish, the peak seasons, and the fly patterns. Montana's Best Fishing Waters is a must have for any avid fisherman, covering waters such as The Yellowstone River, Missouri River, Smith River, Rock Creek, Big Hole River, Beaverhead River, Flathead River and it's forks, and Blackfoot River to name a few. Public land is clearly identified in color, and every possible access or state lease is easy to find with just a glance. This is an indispensable book for either fishing or floating Montana’s waters. NOW INCLUDING GPS.

Waters included in this book:

Beaverhead River
Big Hole River
Bighorn River
Big Spring Creek
Bitterroot River
Blackfeet Lakes
Blackfoot River
Boulder River
Clark Canyon Reservoir
Clark Fork River
Flathead River
Middle Fork Flathead River
North Fork Flathead River
South Fork Flathead River
Gallatin River
Glacier National Park
Georgetown Lake
Hebgen Lake
Quake Lake
Jefferson River
Kootenai River
Madison River
Missouri River
Rattlesnake Creek
Rock Creeks
Rosebud Creeks
Ruby River
Shields River
Smith River
Stillwater River
Swan River
Tongue River
Yaak River
Yellowstone River
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