Flies & Assortments

Tungsten Zebra Midge
Item # JF115

NEW COLORS! TUNGSTEN ZEBRA MIDGE Classic pattern that can simply clean up trout if they are on midges. Great under a small indicator or as a dropper. (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)Purple, (4)Grey. Size: 18
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"1/2 & 1/2"
Item # JF343

NEW COLOR! "1/2 & 1/2" by Bob Clouser & Lefty Kreh Half Deep Minnow, half Deciever, 100% fish magnet. (1)Chartreuse/White, (2)Red/White, (3)Blue/Chartreuse/White, (4)Firetiger. Sizes: 3/0, 1/0
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Murdich Minnow
Item # JF564

NEW COLOR! MURDICH MINNOW This will be your new favorite smallmouth pattern. Also puts the hurt on trout, stripers and every other minnow chaser that swims. One of our go-to streamers. Great for the salt as well!
(1)Chart/White, (2)Gold/White, (3)Gray/White, (4)Copper/White, (5)Rainbow Size: 1/0
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Squirmy Wormy
Item # JF592

NEW COLORS! SQUIRMY WORMY We've been getting requests to add these for a couple years now, so here they are. Trout go bonkers for these. LOTS of movement under water that really drive trout nuts. (1)Blood Red, (2)Pink, (3)Glow, (4)Tan, (5)San Juan Red, (6)Purple. Size: 12
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NEW! QUIGLEY'S Hackle Stacker
Item # JF634

NEW! QUIGLEY HACKLE STACKER Originally designed for a spring creek applications, this classic has been taking fish nationwide for decades. It's minimal design sits right in the film and is great for those picky risers. (1)BWO - Sizes: 16, 18, 20, 22. (2)PMD - Sizes: 16, 18, 20. (3) Rust - Sizes: 16, 18.
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NEW! MORRISH'S Fluttering Stone
Item # JF635

NEW! MORRISH'S FLUTTERING STONE What a realistic looking stonefly. Foam body rides high and has all the qualities you need for when these big bugs are out. (1)Golden - Size: 8, (2)Salmonfly - Size: 6.
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NEW! MAYER'S Titan Tube Midge
Item # JF636

NEW! MAYER'S TITAN TUBE MIDGE The latest creation from one of Colorado's best guides, Landon Mayer. Designed for river inlets and stillwaters, it is a larger version of the original Tube Midge (JF519) with a black/gunmetal tungsten bead followed by a white ostrich collar that breathes below the surface and a hint of flash. The body is made of two different colors wire and tubing creating the clear ribbed look while possessing a slim profile and durability. Try this pattern the next time you are out hunting big cruising targets on the fly. (1)Black/Red, (2)Black/Silver, (3)Red/Copper #14
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NEW! Ultra Scud
Item # JF637

NEW! ULTRA SCUD Fish these anywhere scuds swim, nationwide. (1)Gray, (2)Olive, (3)Orange, (4)Pink. Sizes: 16, 18.
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NEW! Tungsten Hackle Dazzler
Item # JF639

NEW! TUNGSTEN HACKLE DAZZLER This one comes off the vise of Skip Morris. Fantastic attractor pattern in two fishy colors. (1)Brown, (2)Purple. Sizes: 14, 16, 18.
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NEW! TUTTLE'S Scuttle Sow
Item # JF640

NEW! TUTTLE'S SCUTTLE SOW: What a good looking sow bug. If this doesn't look just like the real thing, I don't know what does. Sizes: 12, 14, 16
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NEW! Evolution Caddis Pupa Green
Item # JF641

NEW! EVOLUTION CADDIS PUPA GREEN This one has all of the right stuff you look for in a caddis pupa. Sizes: 14, 16, 18
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NEW! Tungsten R.L. Stone
Item # JF642

NEW! TUNGSTEN R.L. STONEFLY Need a stonefly to get down quick? This is the one. Great looking stone. (1)Black, (2)Gold Size 6,8
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